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ACRE is a diversified, national full-service commercial real estate firm that provides development, management, leasing and client services in retail, office, industrial and mixed-use properties.

Our commercial real estate professionals
have focused on specific property types and markets many years. This specialization in commercial investment transactions, property type and geography has been the foundation for providing clients exceptional service and results.

Our firm
works with "High Net Worth" individuals, family trusts, limited partnerships and investment trusts to acquire income producing properties throughout the United States. We evaluate each opportunity and advise our clients if a particular project meets their objectives.

To develop the most effective services and provide the best support to clients nationally and locally, ACRE has implemented Regional specialty groups for each major property category. Our Regional specialty groups consist of a Regional director, key management and support personnel, and investment professional members. Our overall mission is to assure that owners and investors receive the most effective research, advisory and transaction services tailored to the nuances of each property type.


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